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FFX-3 : After Vegnagun
Cast List: Meet the Cast of FFX-3: After Vegnagun!
FFX-3:AV FList.
Ask The Fayth: FAQ.
Chapter One: "They Call it Sin."
Chapter Two: "Reunion"
Chapter Three: "Secrets of the Dream"
Chapter Four: Comfort in the Stars.
Chapter Five: Guadosalam Secrets.
Chapter Six: Rikku
Chapter Seven: Life in Spira
Chapter Eight: The Little Things.
Chapter Nine: "Your Duty as a Summoner, Sucks."
Chapter Ten: Ifrit
Chapter Eleven: Complicated Things
Chapter Twelve: A promise, for the Dead.
Chapter Thirteen: In The End, It was all Yuna.
Chapter Fourteen: Trapped
Chapter Fifteen: Rikkus Growth.
Chapter Sixteen: The Al-Bhed Sphere.

Go Dream: The FFX-3: AV Main Theme.

The song file located here is called Go Dream.
The Singer Mazakazu Morita, is singing it to be like Tidus
from the Japanese Version of the Game. 
To hear this please downoad it onto your own computers.

After Vegnagun. A Fanfic by C. Ariza.

After Vegnagun is a Fanfic I decided to write after making a character named Tina, who was Tidus best friend from the Dream Zanarkand.
After many sleepless nights and many role play sessions with my friend Kati from IRC on MSN We decided that I should turn the epic story of plot twists and adventure into a Fanfic.
Things the reader should Know: This takes place two years after Tidus returned to Yuna in FFX-2.
Loop holes: Yunalesca, and Mica were never sent in FFX so they will be making an apearance.
Pairings: Tidus/ Shawna (For a majority of the fanfic.) Tidus/Tina (For the rest of it.) Yuna and Tidus eventually broke up as they were very young at the time.
I'd also like to thank Kati from IRC for letting me use her characters Zack and Shawna.
Now Go on.
Time to read the Fanfic!  
Site stuff: I realize that some people might not like the tile effect on the Navagation Bar, but I've tried just about everything here to make it livable.
Tripod's Templates are just really hard to work with some times.
So the best way to make it Livable I figured was to Make a Layout of TWO pictures one ontop of the other. So The longer the Paragraphs writing, the More of Yuna's Face you will see.
Believe me if I knew *how* to HTML properly I'd have just done everything that way.


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Update Edit/Notices:
October 2, 2007
It's been a year since I put this fanfic on the back burner. o.O
I apologize, there are probably people who read this and then scream in fustration that there isn't any more. I was reminded of this fanfic page when I got a new fayth question in the mail. So Ask the Fayth has been updated.
I really should re read 16 and then try again with writing chapter 17 shouldn't I.
However, if people want to continue reading a Final Fantasy style story, feel free to head on over to Edeas Garden. It actually has a complete Book. ^^;
September 21st, 2006
I suffered a huge loss. My computer died. Chapter 17 which was near completion was lost.
However, I did add three new bios on the meet the cast, and answered some questions in the Faq.
January 30th, 2006
Well chapter sixteen is up.
I had a long assed news post about some developments and plans for this, but then the computer froze. >_>
So, I don't want to repeat myself.
Enjoy the chapter in it's second draft glory.
Major editing to all chapters will be done when the first half of this epic tale is finished.
That right folks, there were two parts to this story. ^^;
January 06, 2006
Happy new year my pretties.
To celebrate the new year, I give you.
Chapter Fifteen!
Oct 12th, 2005
Chapter one has been slightly edited. Aparently I had made a mistake and never caught on to it till recently. Yu Yevon, is in fact the King/Leader of Zanarkand.
So part of a paragrah revolving around him has been fixed.
In other news, I'm working ech day to bring you the next chapter in the story.
I don't know when it'll be ready for posting but hopefully soon.
That's pretty much it.
September 1'st, 2005
Well it's been a two month wait give or take.
I give you.
Chapter fourteen.
June 24th, 2003.
Okay yes, the chapter is up! Yes I realize you were all waiting for it.
But NEVER EVER tell me to "HURRY UP!"
Ever again!
BAD, BAD Fangirls/fanboys! *baps with rolled up newspaper*
I've been sick, and it's been horribly hot here.
I'll let the emails slide this time, and you are all forgiven, but for the grace and peace of my sanity Do not do that again!
June 4th, 2005
First of all Chapter Thirteen is still in the works. So there isn't much of an Update to tell the truth.
Though the FAQ has been updated with a Question, regarding Yuna getting married, with help from people at an LJ community for FFX. Which can be found here:
Also there is a new member to the Fanlist, though I'm a little sketchey on weather or not they took a code or not. It seems they are in charge of a Games fourm though.
Also I've also updated the Fanlists here on the main page, and removed some which have seemed to have gone belly up.
Thats all fr today.
April 14th, 2005
Chapter twelve is up for your reading pleasure.
Also I've been toying with an idea, here.
With LJ being so popular these days, I'm thinking of making a community in which you the readers, *if you have Lj* can talk about the characterization of the characters, and how the story is so far.
If you would like this, I Ask that you use the fourm for Ask the Fayth to express if you would like it.
If there is a major aproval on this I will work on making one, and we can start in on the disscussions of the fanfic.
Also it seems I may need a new counter.
March 28th, 2005
Recieved a question regarding the fanfic, from one Amanda C. (Last name with held for identity reasons) I've answered it in Part two of the Faq, with another question I recieved several months back, (last year). It may or may not prove to be a satisfactory awnser, but it is how the Story when I planned it with Kati, was panned out.
Also I'd like to extend a welcome to Amanda C for showing interest in this project.
I hope you plan on comming back to read more Chapters as I update them.
Also, I'd like to extend a thank you and a welcome to the other readers who have sent me emails and sujestions.
I'll try to include these ideas in other chapters, but no gaurentees.
That's all there is for this update.
March 26th, 2005
So sorry for the long wait people! So sorry. *grins sheepishly*
I was busy with another story *Orginal* for an E-zine.
In anycase, here it is! The long awaited "Blitzball Chapter!" (Chapter eleven)
In this chapter, Tina faces off head to head with Bickson of the Luca Goers.
Will she lead the Aurochs to victory?!?
Well, I can't tell you now can I. You'll just have to go read now, huh?
So go on.
Oh yeah just a warning, this one will prove to be a longer read. It's about eight pages in length. ^_^;
I trimmed it down too, because I had actually forgot that after the blitzball game they were to go to Baaj temple.
What I *had* written was that the group as a whole, were headed down the Mihein Highroad. Whoooops. Stupid me.
So I had to do some major re editing.
Hope you enjoy it.
Feb 15, 2005
Okay Chapter 11 isn't anywhere near done yet. It is in fact taking longer then I expected. Considering that there will be more happening in it then in said other chapters. There is in fact 11 pages to this chapter so far.
Also There is an Edit to onr of the chapters, it now contains the true dialoge from the "I don't Like your plan. It sucks" Scene.
Thanks goes to my loving fiance who found an online script of it. :3
You'll note a New Link.
It's a Fanlisting for this fanfic.
I'm hoping readers here will join.
and Hey,
if you want feel free to sign the guest book too. ^_^
Jan 17th, 2005
Well, here we are again. Chapter Nine was put up, but I have yet to reach the scene so there hasn't been any corrections yet.
On a good note, I have Chapter Ten up and ready to read. :D Yay!
You'll note that the further along you read that each chapter may or may not include a memory from either game. Thats just how I had intended it. To make this particular story more believable.
Also, while I was writing this particular chapter, I started to think of an Omake.
Ideas on this particular story/fic are still in the works. In the mean Time I shall continue my work on this fanfic with Chapter 11.
Take care folks.
And please, feel free to sign the guest book!
C. Ariza.   
Jan 11, 2005.
It's 12:48 am as I write this.
It's only been a few days, and already I have Chapter Nine Up.
I met with a writers roadblock, due to lact of my own memory of an event in the FFX-2 game.
The scene in Particular is most famous for the line. "I don't like your plan. It Sucks."
It is that scene I had wanted to Utalize in the fanfic. >_>
But I couldn't play away my time on the video game all day, due to motherly duties.
So I had to go with what I remembered. I would have hunted down a script but Google only comes up with the Script of the Movie "Eternal Calm." That bridges the two games. FFX, and FFX-2 together.
If you think My memory is faulty and bad for that sort of thing it is. I admitt it.
Yet, I'd like to Thank those who read the Fic. It keeps me going. It keeps me productive.   


This fanfic is subject to change. Bare with me.

Fanfics by C. Ariza.