The PGSM Traffic Light.
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It all started with my friend. She had an episode of PGSM.
She showed it to me.
I never gave it a second glance.
That is, untill my other friends saw it, and then my internet friends started to talk about it.
I saw the Live Journal Community.... They had all sorts of stuff to share.
It was then that I got hooked.
There are fanlistings, communities, sites, and so much stuff on the internet now, that it's hard not to get hooked.
It is my hope, that this site will become well known and used for the pourpouse I have intended.
To point people in the directions they want to go.
Welcome to the PGSM Traffic light.
Where would you like to go?

This is Nanishi. She's here to have fun. Isn't she Kawaii?

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